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Yes I am a straight male so as flattering as it may be I'd rather not receive any messages from guys starting off with, "hey sexy". Just not my thing! Submissions are welcome. .
Asker Anonymous Asks:
This blog sucks none of these video are compatible.... Unfollow!!!!!!
threexvideos threexvideos Said:

This person is right. I think I’m done. Tumblr killed this site. It was fun. Catch ya’ll later…

Asker Anonymous Asks:
None of these videos are compatible :/ also do u take video submissions? Im new
threexvideos threexvideos Said:

If you watch on safari and outside of the tumblr app the videos work. Unfortunately this will have to be the way for lil. And yes I do take submission videos. Looking forward to your contribution. Thanks.

Tossing Salad

Thanks for the true amateur vids !
threexvideos threexvideos Said:

Thanks for watching. Tell a friend tell a friend.

bend over


Oh Yeh

I’ll start using another site shortly to accommodate mobile viewing but for now here is this :)